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Does oral sucrose reduce the pain of neonatal procedures?
  1. Nicole Horwitz, Specialist Registrar
  1. Lister Hospital, UK

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You are a junior doctor working in a neonatal intensive care unit. You are about to take blood from a baby born at 34 weeks gestation who is now 24 hours old and not being ventilated. The neonatal sister suggests you give the baby some oral sucrose before the procedure as analgesia. You have never used sucrose before and are uncertain whether there is any real evidence behind its efficacy.

Structured clinical question

In non-ventilated neonates [patient], does oral sucrose [intervention] reduce the pain of neonatal procedures [outcome]?

Search strategy and outcome

Cochrane Database and Medline using PubMed interface.

Search words: “sucrose” AND “pain” AND “neonate”.

Limits …

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