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Effects of dietary intervention and strength training on blood lipid level in obese children


Aims: To evaluate effects of a low energy diet, with or without strength training, on blood lipid profile in obese children.

Methods: Eighty two obese children were enrolled into a six week dietary programme, and were randomly allocated to a training group or a non-training group. The training group underwent regular exercise sessions with emphasis on strength training.

Results: Height increased significantly, with a non-significant reduction in body mass index. Fat free mass increased significantly in the training group. Serum total cholesterol was significantly reduced in both groups. The LDL:HDL ratio significantly decreased in the training group.

Conclusion: Results support the potentially beneficial effects of both diet and physical training. Further and longer term evaluation of such programmes is required.

  • obesity
  • lipid
  • diet
  • strength training
  • 10-RM, 10 repetition maximum
  • LDL, low density lipoprotein
  • HDL, high desity lipoprotein
  • TC, total cholesterol

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