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Vitamin D deficiency in UK Asian families: activating a new concern
  1. N J Shaw1,
  2. B R Pal2
  1. 1Dept of Endocrinology, Birmingham Children's Hospital, UK
  2. 2Dept of Neonatal Medicine, Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr N J Shaw, Dept of Endocrinology, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6NH, UK;{at}


Vitamin D has steroid hormonal effects which can produce clinical symptoms and signs unrelated to calcium homoeostasis. Its deficiency has been implicated as a risk factor for diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, and tuberculosis in Asians. In this review, the incidence, aetiology, prevention, and treatment of symptomatic vitamin D deficiency in childhood are considered. A renewed public health campaign is required in the UK to address the continuing problem of vitamin D deficiency in Asian families.

  • vitamin D
  • deficiency
  • Asian
  • UK
  • rickets
  • review

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