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Dr Henryk Goldszmit (Janusz Korczak) 1878–1942
  1. Wanganui, New Zealand

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The stamp, issued in Poland in 1992, depicts a statue marking the 50th anniversary of the murder of Dr Henryk Goldszmit in the Treblinka camp,1 along with the children from his orphanage and many thousands of other victims. Henryk (known throughout Europe under his pen name Janusz Korczak) holds a small child in his arms, and is followed by others, as described by those who witnessed their departure for the trains. The statue is in the Jewish Cemetery2 near the former Warsaw Ghetto, where he lived with the orphans. Henryk was a Polish-Jewish paediatrician,3 writer, broadcaster, and vigorous advocate for the rights of the child. His children's stories are known in 20 languages, but few of his writings, until recently, have been available in English.4 His ideas were important in the development of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.5