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Correlates of prepubertal bone mineral density in cystic fibrosis


AIM To examine early factors in bone mineral accretion in cystic fibrosis (CF).

METHODS In 22 prepubertal children with CF and mild lung disease, the relation between total body bone mineral density (BMD) and measures of body composition, biochemistry, lung function, and physical activity was studied.

RESULTS There was a non-significant mild reduction in mean total body BMD. No relation was found between BMD and anthropometric indices, fat free soft tissue, degree of lung disease, degree of fat malabsorption, dietary energy intake, or level of physical activity. Significant impairments in physical growth were apparent in this population and were found to correlate with degree of lung disease.

CONCLUSION A CF specific factor appears unlikely to be associated with the osteopenia commonly found in CF. Careful attention to general aspects of lifestyle and nutrition is recommended to maximise bone mineral accretion in this population.

  • bone mineral density
  • cystic fibrosis
  • children
  • nutrition
  • body composition

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