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A mother and bingo

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Nurses in Boston, Massachusetts (Neonatal Network, (Journal of Neonatal Nursing) 2000;19:7–11) have described a mother's apparent addiction to playing bingo which interfered with her care of her children and her bonding to her newborn baby.  They list 10 signs of gambling addiction—preoccupation, increasing the dose (stake), unsuccessful attempts to stop, irritability following withdrawal from gambling, gambling to regain money lost the day before, lying about gambling, crime to fund gambling, loss of a job or close relationships, and accepting money from others because of gambling losses—and they refer to a 10 item screening tool based on similar factors. It is estimated that some 1.6% of adults in North America develop pathological gambling at some time in their lives and 30% of such gamblers are women.  Bingo is certainly popular in the UK but I haven't heard of it causing this kind of problem. Perhaps nobody has looked for it.

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