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Total serum IgE and outcome in infants with recurrent wheezing


OBJECTIVE To investigate the relation between total serum IgE at 0.5–3 and 3–6 years, and the risk of allergic sensitisation and persistent wheezing up to 8 years of age.

METHODS Prospective follow up study of 45 infants with highly recurrent wheezing, no allergic symptoms, and negative skin tests.

RESULTS In the last follow up year, 15 children still suffered from wheezing. Five wheeze-free and four episodically wheezing children had become sensitised. No association was found between early (0.5–3 years) IgE z scores and the recurrence of wheezing during follow up, or atopic sensitisation. IgE z scores at 3–6 years were significantly higher in children with positive skin tests (p = 0.013), but were still not associated with recurrence of wheezing.

CONCLUSIONS In subjects with frequent early wheezing and no signs of atopy, early total serum IgE measurements are not predictive of outcome.

  • IgE
  • wheezing
  • childhood asthma
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