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The “How!” sign—a central palmar blister induced by overplaying on a Nintendo console
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How did this right handed 8 year old in figure 1 contract the central palmar blister? The complete story is seen in figure 2. Running on the screen in the background is the Nintendo game,Mario Party, which he and two friends had hired from the local video shop for the afternoon. In his left hand is the Nintendo control console with its central joystick. After the main game, the manufacturers have added a series of four “minigames”. In two of these minigames, Tug of War andPedal Power, the player has to rotate the central joystick with the palm of his hand for as long and as fast as possible to be victorious. All three children developed the “How!” sign within half an hour.

Figure 1

Central palmar blister

 Treatment was administered in the form of Mickey Mouse plasters to all three palms and the boys immediately continued the game and rubbed off their plasters. Their raw blisters then effectively put a stop to their collective madness.

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