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Arch Dis Child 2001 Volume 84 No 2

It's a traumatic month for ADC. One contributor looks at how to cope with emergencies occurring in a place called “′prehospital”, probably the same place we used to call “the community” (page 103). A group from King's College Hospital London describe an outcome score for head injury (KOSCHI) as a refinement of the Glasgow Outcome Scale (page 120). A multicentre study tests another acronym, PIM (paediatric index of mortality), as a predictive model for auditing intensive care (page 125). And to cap it all, Dr Gerry Mackin looks at violence against paediatricians, while Dr Ashton, a victim of violent criminals, adds his unpleasant personal experience (page 106).

There is no prize for getting the right answers to our quiz (page 164) but we invite similar contributions: quizzes, unusual images, brief personal accounts, and suchlike, amounting to no more than about 300 words, will be treated kindly and possibly even published.

No compliments for complementary therapy

Congratulations to Norwegian chiropractor, Steinar Forshei, who joined an RCT of spinal manipulation for …

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