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  1. ZENOBIA ZAIWALLA, Consultant Paediatric Neurophysiologist

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Abnormal cortical development and epilepsy: from basic to clinical science.Edited by Spreafico R, Avanzini G, Andermann F. (Pp 324, hardback; £39) London: John Libbey, 1999. ISBN 0 86916 579 5

In his chapter in this book entitled “Neuronal migration disorder and epilepsy in infancy”, Vigevano emphasises that brain malformations represent a causal factor in 3–4% of all epilepsies, although this percentage increases to 18–20% in drug resistant epilepsies. With every new generation of MRI scanner, more and more patients with epilepsy are recognised to have a cortical developmental abnormality, and the aetiological significance of these to the development of epilepsy has opened up exciting new fields in the understanding of the pathophysiology …

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