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  The following articles—being published in the March 2000 issue of the Fetal and Neonataledition of the Archives of Disease in Childhood—may be of general interest to paediatricians.


Genetics of neonatal hyperinsulinism

B Glaser, P Thornton, T Otonkoski, C Junien

Hyperinsulinism of infancy: towards an understanding of unregulated insulin release

R M Shepherd, K E Cosgrove, R E O'Brien, P D Barnes, C Ämmälä, M J Dunne, on behalf of the EU funded European Network for Research into Hyperinsulinism in Infancy (ENRHI)

Practical management of hyperinsulinism in infancy

A Aynsley-Green, K Hussain, J Hall, J M Saudubray, C Nihoul-Fékété, P De Lonlay-Debeney, F Brunelle, T Otonkoski, P Thornton, K J Lindley

Persistent hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia of infancy: a heterogeneous syndrome unrelated to nesidioblastosis

J Rahier, Y Guiot, C Sempoux


Risk adjusted and population based studies of the outcome for high risk infants in Scotland and Australia

International Neonatal Network, Scottish Neonatal Consultants, Nurses Collaborative Study Group

Reproductive decisions after neonatal screening identifies cystic fibrosis

T Dudding, B Wilcken, B Burgess, J Hambly, G Turner

Proximity to maternity services and stillbirth risk

L Parker, H O Dickinson, T Morton-Jones