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Manual of Acute Pain Management in Children.
  1. DAVID SOUTHALL, Professor of Paediatrics
  1. North Staffs Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

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    Manual of Acute Pain Management in Children.Edited by Ian McKenzie, Philip B Gaukroger, Philip Ragg, and T C K Brown. (Pp224; £25). Churchill Livingstone, 1997. ISBN 0443 305321 9.

    Recent developments in identifying and understanding pain in children have led to greater interest in strategies designed to prevent and control this fundamental medical and nursing problem. This manual has been written by staff with a special interest in acute pain management, each contributing in areas of their own expertise, providing concise and easy to read information.

    The design of the manual is such that it provides both medical and nursing staff with the knowledge and education necessary to manage children’s acute pain in various situations and circumstances. Diagrams used throughout the manual aid the understanding of practical aspects of pain relief when used in conjunction with written instructions.

    The pharmacological and non-pharmacological aspects of pain control and relief are included in great detail with chapters covering areas in the use of nerve blocks and epidural treatment. The rationale for their use and the education and management required for successful control of pain are identified as integral parts of the treatment.

    Education and training issues are represented and the authors have acknowledged these as being continuous and pivotal in the successful management of pain.

    The layout in which the information is presented makes this an accessible and important resource book for all health professionals involved in the management of acute pain in children.

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