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Paediatric Oncology. Clinical Practice and Controversies.
  1. J S LILLEYMAN, Professor of paediatric oncology

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    Paediatric Oncology. Clinical Practice and Controversies. 2nd Ed. Edited by C R Pinkerton and P N Plowman. (Pp 799; £135 hardback.) Chapman and Hall Medical, 1997. ISBN 0-412-63080-X.

    American textbooks contain few citations to articles published outside the United States, a form of literary chauvinism that sometimes denies the reader a balanced view of the world, so it is pleasing to see that by recruiting authors almost exclusively from Europe, Ross Pinkerton and Nick Plowman have produced an alternative to the big American texts rather than a competitor.

    Like any multiauthor effort it has its good and its not so good sections, but …

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