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Salmonella infection acquired from reptilian pets
  1. D Sanyala,
  2. T Douglasb,
  3. R Robertsb
  1. aBooth Hall Children’s Hospital, Manchester: Department of Microbiology, bDepartment of Paediatrics
  1. Dr D Sanyal, Manchester Children’s Hospitals NHS Trust, Booth Hall Children’s Hospital, Blackley, Manchester M9 7AA.


Two children presented with signs and symptoms of gastroenteritis. Salmonella chameleon was isolated from the stool of one child and also from an iguana kept in the home as a pet. Salmonella arizonae was isolated from the stool of the other child and also from four snakes sharing the same household. Exotic reptiles are unsuitable pets to share the home environment with infants.

  • salmonella infection
  • reptiles
  • pets

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