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  1. C G D BROOK
  1. Cobbold Laboratories, Paediatric Endocrinology
  2. Middlesex Hospital
  3. Mortimer Street
  4. London W1N 8AA

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    Editor,—I share Dr Moncrieff’s1irritation at the number of requests for information which I receive and replying to the first request for information often invites further trouble. I agree with him that researchers should do their own research.

    I also agree with him about authorship but I would point out that in a department which supports a serious number of research fellows, the head of department is quite likely to have had the idea and written the grant application, as well as having a substantial hand in writing the abstracts and reports. This is hardly guest authorship and five or six research fellows can easily generate 10 to 20 papers in a year if they are coming towards the end of their period of research.