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Epilepsy in Children.
  1. M A McSHANE, Consultant in paediatric neurology

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    Epilepsy in Children. Edited by Sheila Wallace. (Pp 647; £95 hardback.) Chapman and Hall Medical, 1995. ISBN 0-412-56860-8 .

    Epilepsy in Children is a significant contribution to the paediatric neurology literature. This is a multiauthor text book with many contributions from leading figures in the world of paediatric epileptology. This volume is for the clinician. It is comprehensive with excellent references and should become a standard text for any physician with an interest in paediatric epilepsy.

    The book is divided into logical sections dealing with every aspect of childhood epilepsy from epidemiology and aetiology through to treatment, specialist services for epilepsy, and childhood epilepsy evolving into adult epilepsy. The strength of this book is its clinical approach, with clear discussion of the various electroclinical syndromes now recognised in paediatric epileptology and their division by age of onset. In this book the epileptic syndromes have come of age.

    I could find very few faults. Section 6 on the cellular mechanisms of epilepsy does require careful reading. I found this section quite difficult and would have preferred a more simplified discussion, but suspect that this reveals my own weakness in this area.

    This is an excellent volume, well referenced, and up-to-date. I would strongly recommend it to readers of the Archives and would hope that every paediatric unit in the UK would have a copy available for reference.

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