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Unwillingly to School.
  1. ANTONY COX, Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry

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    Unwillingly to School. 4th Ed. Edited by Ian Berg and Jean Nursten. (Pp 312; £20 paperback.) Gaskell/Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1996. ISBN 0-902241-89-3 .

    Jack Kahn was one of the most loved and respected child psychiatrists of recent years. The third edition of Unwillingly to School, which he edited with Jean Nursten, was published in 1981. Like its predecessors it focused predominantly on the pattern of school non-attendance associated with anxiety that is usually called school refusal. The vast majority of school non-attendance is ostensibly because of physical illness and short lived. Of the more persistent patterns and those for which social or psychopathology has …

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