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Skin Disease in Childhood and Adolescence.
  1. SARAH WOOKEY, General practitioner and clinical assistant in dermatology

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    Skin Disease in Childhood and Adolescence. By Elisabeth Higgins and Anthony du Vivier. (Pp 277; £39.50.) Blackwell Science, 1996. ISBN 0-86542-835-2 .

    The authors of this book are to be congratulated for having produced, overall, a clear, user friendly introduction to the subject of paediatric dermatology. If what follows seems to be critical, then I hope it will be seen in this context.

    No prior knowledge of dermatology or paediatrics is assumed, and the reader is carefully taken through what the authors somewhat paradoxically call ‘physiological disorders’ such as erythema toxicum, although the major part of the book is concerned with pathological conditions. The ratio of pictures to text is about 1:1; the quality of the photographs is excellent, and the information is set out clearly and readably. The authors have decided to …

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