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Neoplastic Diseases of Childhood.
  1. MICHAEL C G STEVENS, Consultant paediatric oncologist

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    Neoplastic Diseases of Childhood. Vols 1 and 2. Edited by Carl Pocheldy. (Pp 1603; £280 hardback.) Harwood Academic Publishers, 1995. ISBN 3-7186-5340-0 .

    Two volumes, 1600 pages (more pages than newly diagnosed children with cancer each year in the UK!) 83 chapters, and 114 contributing authors. This represents a substantial project with a wide ranging intention: ‘a useful reference for the clinician and the clinical investigator as well as medical students, residents and fellows’. In his introduction, the editor states his intention to make the text ‘truly international’ although fewer than 25% of the authors actually come from outside North America. There are some big names but not all necessarily writing on the subjects one might expect. Most of the chapter headings are logical and worthwhile, with some exceptions—a whole chapter on the ‘techniques of bone marrow biopsy’ seemed a bit over the top.

    How does one review a 1600 page book in any kind of meaningful way. I am afraid I confess that I did not read every page! I thought I should start by …

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