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Castlemead Growth Program II.
  1. DAVID H SKUSE, Professor of behavioural sciences

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    Castlemead Growth Program II. Compiled and written for Castlemead Publications by the MRC Dunn Nutritional Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 1994. Available from Castlemead Publications, 12 Little Mundells, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 1EW; price £475 + VAT.

    The objective of this innovative software, the Castlemead Growth Program, was to provide a readily accessible system of recording growth data for computerised visual display. With the aid of the program it should be possible to dispense with paper growth charts altogether, and to generate data files that can be exported for statistical analyses by other programmes. The potential clinical benefits to the busy practitioner are considerable.

    The program was originally released in two versions. Program I was aimed at a broad medical market, such as general practitioners, and restricted to …

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