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Severe aplastic anaemia in the Nordic countries: a population based study of incidence, presentation, course, and outcome.
  1. N Clausen,
  2. A Kreuger,
  3. T Salmi,
  4. I Storm-Mathisen,
  5. G Johannesson
  1. Department of Paediatrics, University Hospital of Aarhus, Denmark.


    PURPOSE: Incidence data for severe aplastic anaemia (SAA) in children are scanty and vary. Few population based studies have been reported. A retrospective and prospective study was conducted to determine the incidence and course of SAA. PATIENTS AND METHODS: All children with a diagnosis of SAA in the Nordic countries from 1982 through 1993 were registered and have been followed up since 1987. RESULTS: A total of 101 children were diagnosed with SAA. The mean annual child population was 4.31 million. A constant incidence of 1.95/million children/year was found: 2.4 for boys and 1.5 for girls. A non-significant increase of cases occurred from November to March. Possible aetiological agents were noted in 29%. The actuarial survival was 79% after one year and 68% after five years without significant difference between boys and girls. CONCLUSION: The incidence of SAA in the Nordic countries remains stable with a preponderance among boys. SAA has still a high initial mortality and a risk of late deaths.

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