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Viable versus inactivated lactobacillus strain GG in acute rotavirus diarrhoea.
  1. M Kaila,
  2. E Isolauri,
  3. M Saxelin,
  4. H Arvilommi,
  5. T Vesikari
  1. University of Tampere, Department of Clinical Medicine, Finland.


    The effect of viable or heat inactivated human Lactobacillus casei strain GG on rotavirus immune responses in patients with rotavirus diarrhoea was assessed. Rotavirus serum IgA enzyme immunoassay antibody responses were higher in infants treated with viable L casei strain GG than in those treated with inactivated L casei strain GG. There was a significant difference at convalescence with rotavirus specific IgA secreting cells found in 10/12 infants receiving viable but only 2/13 infants receiving inactivated L casei strain GG. The results indicate that viable L casei strain GG stimulate rotavirus specific IgA antibody responses, theoretically significant in the prevention of reinfections.

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