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Long-term follow up in type A insulin resistant syndrome treated by insulin-like growth factor I.
  1. H Ishihama,
  2. Y Suzuki,
  3. K Muramatsu,
  4. M Nagai,
  5. M Kokubo,
  6. H Shiraya,
  7. A Kawakita,
  8. Y Nishimura,
  9. T Imamura,
  10. M Kobayashi
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Toyohashi Municipal Hospital, Aichi, Japan.


    Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) is a useful therapeutic agent in insulin resistant diabetes mellitus due to insulin receptor disease because of its hypoglycaemic effects through the IGF-I receptor. A girl with typical type A insulin resistant syndrome was treated with IGF-I for two years and the treatment was effective in ameliorating hyperglycaemia. Overproduction of testosterone in polycystic ovaries was aggravated with this treatment, however. Therefore, IGF-I treatment may be used for glycaemic control but with caution because of its possible side effect of aggravating hyperandrogenism in these patients.

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