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Rapid diagnosis of glucocorticoid suppressible hyperaldosteronism in infants and adolescents.
  1. A Jamieson,
  2. G C Inglis,
  3. M Campbell,
  4. R Fraser,
  5. J M Connell
  1. Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Western Infirmary, Glasgow.


    Glucocorticoid suppressible hyperaldosteronism (GSH) is an uncommon form of dominantly inherited hypertension. Presentation with hypertension and complications such as stroke in early life are well recognised. The use of a simple genetic test carried out on blood or placenta facilitates the detection of infants and children with GSH before the development of hypertension, allowing prompt treatment of hypertension if it occurs, and an opportunity to study the effects of growth and environmental influences on the progression of the condition.

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