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Postnatal somatic and mental development after periconceptional multivitamin supplementation.
  1. A E Czeizel,
  2. M Dobó
  1. Department of Human Genetics and Teratology, National Institute of Hygiene-WHO Collaborating Centre for the Community Control of Hereditary Diseases, Budapest, Hungary.


    The effect of periconceptional multivitamin supplementation on postnatal development was studied in a randomised controlled trial comparing the use of a multivitamin tablet (Elevit Pronatal) with a tablet containing trace elements as part of the Hungarian Optimal Family Planning Programme. Of 4122 liveborn infants, 3356 were examined after the eighth month of life and medical records were obtained for a further 357; thus the total number of infants evaluated was 3713 (90.1%). The mortality was not significantly different between the groups receiving the multivitamins (9.6/1000) and trace elements (7.1/1000). There was no significant difference in the rates of serious or chronic disorders between the study groups except for atopic dermatitis, which was reported more often in the group receiving multivitamins (15 v four cases). Somatic development (body weight, body length, and head circumference) did not show a significant difference between the two groups. Mental and behavioural development was also similar in the two groups.

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