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Diabetes insipidus with impaired osmotic regulation in septo-optic dysplasia and agenesis of the corpus callosum.
  1. N Masera,
  2. D B Grant,
  3. R Stanhope,
  4. M A Preece
  1. Institute of Child Health, London.


    The clinical and endocrinological findings in 24 children with septo-optic dysplasia and/or agenesis of the corpus callosum are described with particular reference to posterior pituitary function. Nine had diabetes insipidus. The prevalence of diabetes insipidus was similar in children with complete and incomplete forms of septo-optic dysplasia. Maintenance of normal osmotic balance was very difficult in six of these children, even after the introduction of treatment with vasopressin, either as desmopressin, or lysine vasopressin spray in one of the early cases.

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