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Measurement of ionised calcium concentration in neonates.
  1. S M Husain,
  2. N Veligati,
  3. D G Sims,
  4. M L Chiswick,
  5. M Z Mughal
  1. Department of Paediatrics, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester.


    Whole blood ionised calcium concentration was measured simultaneously in capillary and arterial blood from neonates being nursed on an intensive care unit using an ion selective electrode. The mean arterio-capillary difference was -0.027 mmol/l (95% confidence intervals -0.041 to -0.012 mmol/l) and the limits of agreement between the two measurements were 0.034 and -0.088 mmol/l. Measurement of ionised calcium in capillary blood is acceptable for clinical purposes.

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