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Neurological and adrenal dysfunction in the adrenal insufficiency/alacrima/achalasia (3A) syndrome.
  1. D B Grant,
  2. N D Barnes,
  3. M Dumic,
  4. M Ginalska-Malinowska,
  5. P J Milla,
  6. W von Petrykowski,
  7. R J Rowlatt,
  8. R Steendijk,
  9. J H Wales,
  10. E Werder
  1. Hospital for Sick Children, London.


    Review of 20 patients with glucocorticoid deficiency (three cases also with salt loss) associated with absent tear secretion (19 cases) and achalasia of the cardia (15 cases) revealed neurological abnormalities in 17 including hyper-reflexia, muscle weakness, dysarthria, and ataxia together with impaired intelligence and abnormal autonomic function, particularly postural hypotension. These findings indicate that significant neurological problems are common in this multisystem disorder.

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