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Aetiology of perforating eye injury.
  1. A J Luff,
  2. P R Hodgkins,
  3. R J Baxter,
  4. A J Morrell,
  5. I Calder
  1. Southampton Eye Hospital.


    This study addresses the aetiology of perforating ocular injury in childhood and possible preventive measures. Data have been collected from the case notes of 143 patients presenting over a 10 year period to a single ophthalmic unit. Injuries occurred most often in a domestic setting (34%) or with a child at play (19%) and showed an overall four to one ratio of boys to girls. Sports injuries accounted for 15% and assault for 8% of all injuries. A changing pattern of ocular injury is evident: road traffic accidents constituted 6% of injuries, compared with 31% in a similar study published in 1976. The role of litigation is discussed, particularly with regard to firearms, which accounted for 8% of injuries. It is concluded that the most important factor in the prevention of perforating ocular trauma is parental awareness, 53% of injuries occurring with the child in a domestic setting or at play.

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