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Intussusception in preterm infants.
  1. K J Price,
  2. N R Roberton,
  3. R G Pearse
  1. Jessop Hospital for Women, Sheffield.


    Two cases of intussusception in infants born at 26 and 30 weeks' gestation are described. The two infants presented in the neonatal period with abdominal distension, intolerance of feeds, and rectal bleeding. An initial diagnosis of necrotising enterocolitis was made and the infants were treated medically. This led to a delay in the diagnosis of the intussusception. Published work on neonatal intussusception is reviewed and attention is drawn to the fact that the presenting signs and symptoms can be similar to those of necrotising enterocolitis. A diagnosis of intussusception should therefore be considered in any preterm infant with suspected necrotising enterocolitis.

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