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Transient hypothyroxinaemia associated with developmental delay in very preterm infants.
  1. W J Meijer,
  2. S P Verloove-Vanhorick,
  3. R Brand,
  4. J L van den Brande
  1. TNO Institute of Preventive Health Care, Leiden, The Netherlands.


    In 563 surviving very preterm (less than 32 weeks gestational age) and/or very low birthweight (less than 1500 g) infants the relationship between neonatal thyroxine concentration and psychomotor development at 2 years of age (corrected for preterm birth) was studied. A significant association was found between low neonatal thyroxine concentration and a negative score on the three milestones of development. These findings do not support the view that transient hypothyroxinaemia in preterm infants is harmless.

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