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Teachers' perceptions of epilepsy.
  1. M J Bannon,
  2. C Wildig,
  3. P W Jones
  1. North Staffordshire Health Authority.


    A questionnaire survey undertaken among 142 schoolteachers in North Staffordshire revealed most of the respondents did not feel confident when teaching children who had epilepsy and a minority considered their knowledge of the subject to be adequate. Only four teachers had received recent specific instruction on childhood epilepsy and the majority requested training on epilepsy and other medical conditions. Despite this lack of confidence and specific training, the respondents demonstrated good general knowledge of epilepsy and adequate awareness of the difficulties encountered by epileptic schoolchildren. If optimal care is to be achieved for children with epilepsy, then teachers must feel confident with this subject. School health services have a clear role in ensuring that teachers have sufficient knowledge of childhood epilepsy, that they have adequate support, and that communication between teachers, parents, and paediatricians is encouraged.

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