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Urinary protein/creatinine index in follow up of patients with Wilms' tumour after nephrectomy.
  1. C Mpofu,
  2. J R Mann
  1. Birmingham Children's Hospital.


    The protein/creatinine index (p/c) was determined in early morning urine (EMU) samples from available patients with Wilms' tumour who had had a nephrectomy and whose diagnosis had been made between January 1970 and December 1989. Clinical details were obtained by case note review. Results were obtained from 36 boys and 40 girls. The mean interval between nephrectomy and measurement of the EMUp/c was 9.0 years (2-23). Eleven patients had a EMUp/c greater than 20 mg/mmol (normal range less than 20). Of the 11 patients with proteinuria, there were in addition to nephrectomy other adverse features including bilateral tumours, treatment with nephrotoxic drugs, and dysplastic kidneys. Renal dysfunction seems most likely to occur where there are adverse factors in addition to unilateral nephrectomy. There was a significant correlation between the glomerular filtration rate and the EMUp/c, and it is thought that this is a simple tool which can be used for the regular monitoring of renal function in these patients.

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