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Incidence of hepatic hamartomas in tuberous sclerosis.
  1. S Jóźwiak,
  2. M Pedich,
  3. P Rajszys,
  4. R Michalowicz
  1. Department of Child Neurology, Child's Health Centre, Warsaw, Poland.


    Hepatic hamartomas were thought to be a rare finding in patients with tuberous sclerosis. The purpose of this study was to assess their incidence in children with tuberous sclerosis and to review the literature. During 1984-90 we examined 51 children by ultrasonography; there were 25 boys and 26 girls. Their age ranged from 3 months to 18 years. Liver hamartomas were seen in 12 (23.5%) of the children, more often in girls than boys (5:1). Their incidence increased with age reaching 45% in children over the age of 10. They did not produce any symptoms of hepatic dysfunction. Our study and review of reported cases prove that hepatic hamartomas are a common finding in patients with tuberous sclerosis and may be very helpful in providing a more accurate diagnosis and consequently help in genetic counselling.

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