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Beta glucuronidase and hyperbilirubinaemia in breast fed infants of diabetic mothers.
  1. L Sirota,
  2. M Ferrera,
  3. N Lerer,
  4. F Dulitzky
  1. Neonatology Unit, Hasharon Hospital, Golda Medical Centre, Petah-Tiqva, Israel.


    A prospective study was performed comparing bilirubin concentrations in 10 breast fed term infants of diabetic mothers (IDM) to those of 10 breast fed normal term infants. The beta-glucuronidase concentrations in serum and breast milk were assayed in the respective mothers. Significantly higher bilirubin concentrations were noted in the IDM group. Serum and breast milk beta-glucuronidase concentrations were significantly higher in diabetic mothers as compared with those of non-diabetic mothers. We suggest that the high concentration of beta-glucuronidase in breast milk of diabetic mothers is an additional important cause leading to hyperbilirubinaemia in their breast fed infants.

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