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Erythropoietin responsive progenitors in anaemia of prematurity.
  1. A J Emmerson,
  2. N B Westwood,
  3. R A Rackham,
  4. C M Stern,
  5. T C Pearson
  1. United Medical School St. Thomas's Hospital, London.


    Circulating erythroid progenitors (BFU-E) in five anaemic preterm infants (haemoglobin less than 100 g/l) were about 2 and 4.4 times as abundant as in 10 preterm infants who were not anaemic and five healthy adults, respectively, and were significantly more responsive to low concentrations of recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEpo) than those from healthy adults. These results encourage further studies in the use of rHuEpo for the treatment of the anaemia of prematurity.

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