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Referrals to child psychiatry--a survey of staff attitudes.
  1. S Oke,
  2. R Mayer
  1. St. Mary's Hospital, Department of Child Psychiatry, London.


    A questionnaire study was conducted in a health district to evaluate the attitudes of paediatricians and child psychiatry staff as to which categories of problems should be referred to child psychiatry. In the majority of categories the two groups disagreed as to the frequency with which the problem should be referred. In the categories relating to child sexual abuse responses were often not in accord with Department of Health and Social Security guidelines. Reasons for not referring were also looked at and again it was found that there were a number of significant differences in opinion as to what are reasons for not referring to child psychiatry. Both groups agree that lack of communication is a reason for non-referral. Some suggestions are made as to how this problem could be addressed.

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