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Comparison of triggering systems for neonatal patient triggered ventilation.
  1. M F Hird,
  2. A Greenough
  1. Children Nationwide Regional Newborn Centre, King's College Hospital, London.


    The efficacy of two triggering systems was compared during neonatal patient triggered ventilation: the Graseby MR10 respiration monitor and airway pressure changes. Ten preterm infants were studied, median gestational age 33 weeks (range 28-35). Patient triggered ventilation was administered via the SLE ventilator at a series of inflation times (0.24, 0.3, and 0.4 seconds). Comparison was made between the trigger systems of the trigger delay, inflation volume delivered, and proportion of spontaneous respiratory efforts detected. The airway pressure trigger gave a superior performance: at the two lower inflation times the trigger delay was shorter and inflation volume delivered greater. At the longest inflation time a greater proportion of respiratory efforts were detected. We conclude the airway pressure trigger should be used in preference to the respiration monitor as the triggering system of choice for neonatal patient triggered ventilation.

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