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High mebendazole doses in pulmonary and hepatic hydatid disease.
  1. J Messaritakis,
  2. P Psychou,
  3. P Nicolaidou,
  4. T Karpathios,
  5. B Syriopoulou,
  6. A Fretzayas,
  7. F Krikos,
  8. N Matsaniotis
  1. First Department of Paediatrics, Athens University School of Medicine, Aghia Sophia, Children's Hospital, Greece.


    Thirty nine children with 71 hydatid cysts were given mebendazole orally in a dose of 100-200 mg/kg/day for 12 weeks and were followed up for a mean (SD) of 63 (24) months. Twenty children (three of them after a second course) were cured and another two avoided at least one operation. No serious side effects of the drug were observed.

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