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Effect of controlled release salbutamol on nocturnal cough in asthma.
  1. E W Hoskyns,
  2. A Thomson,
  3. E Decker,
  4. A Hutchins,
  5. H Simpson
  1. Department of Child Health, University of Leicester, Leicester Royal Infirmary.


    Sixteen asthmatic children completed a double blind placebo controlled crossover study of controlled release salbutamol (CRS) to assess its efficacy in controlling night time cough. Children with asthma were enrolled into the study on the basis of a history of persistent cough confirmed by two overnight tape recordings at home. Outcome was measured by two overnight tapes on each medication. Other treatment was unaffected. There was no significant fall in cough counts on CRS. Median scores were 14.5 and 12.0 coughing episodes per night for CRS and placebo respectively. Mean overnight oxygen saturation was identical in both treatment periods but morning peak flow showed a trend towards improvement on CRS. Treatment with CRS does not have a significant effect in control of night cough although it may improve objective measurements of lung function.

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