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Growth after gut resection for Crohn's disease.
  1. B I McLain,
  2. P M Davidson,
  3. K B Stokes,
  4. S W Beasley
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.


    Seventeen children underwent 19 bowel resections as part of their management of Crohn's disease. Thirteen children had evidence of retardation of linear growth preoperatively, of whom 12 exhibited catch up growth, crossing at least one centile band, after resection. Seven of the 12 showed early signs of puberty at the time of resection and one child was regarded as being fully pubertal. All children were symptomatic before their surgery; at one year 11 were asymptomatic and three others were substantially improved. Surgical resection of localised Crohn's disease, followed by adequate nutritional support has lead to catch up growth and a prolonged symptom free period in most of our patients and this was not limited by their age or stage of puberty.

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