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Pharmacokinetics of prednisolone in children with nephrosis.
  1. P F Miller,
  2. C J Bowmer,
  3. J Wheeldon,
  4. J T Brocklebank
  1. Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, St James's University Hospital, Leeds.


    The pharmacokinetics of prednisolone given intravenously were studied in 11 children with relapsed steroid responsive nephrotic syndrome, and four control subjects. The clearance of both total and unbound drug was decreased in these children and the unbound fraction of the drug in plasma was significantly correlated with the degree of hypoalbuminaemia. We conclude that changes in the clearance of prednisolone and altered protein binding might account for some of the variability in both therapeutic responses and the incidence of toxicity in patients treated with standard dosage regimens.

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