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Estimation of lung volume in infants by echo planar imaging and total body plethysmography.
  1. B Chapman,
  2. C O'Callaghan,
  3. R Coxon,
  4. P Glover,
  5. G Jaroszkiewicz,
  6. A Howseman,
  7. P Mansfield,
  8. P Small,
  9. A D Milner,
  10. R E Coupland
  1. University of Nottingham, Department of Physics.


    Echo planar imaging (an extremely fast method of magnetic resonance imaging) was used to measure lung volume in a group of nine infants, all of whom had had respiratory problems. The mean echo planar imaging estimate of total lung volume was 44 +/- 9 ml/kg. In each case the right lung was larger than the left (ratio 52.8:47.2%). The mean thoracic gas volume was 36 +/- 8 ml/kg. The entire sequence of images of the thorax (about 400) takes five minutes to complete, infants require no sedation, and there are no side effects.

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