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Reappraisal of thyroxine treatment in primary hypothyroidism.
  1. S Hodges,
  2. B P O'Malley,
  3. B N Northover,
  4. K L Woods,
  5. P G Swift
  1. Department of Child Health, University of Leicester.


    The optimum daily dose of thyroxine was calculated for 13 children aged 3-16 years with primary hypothyroidism by titrating their doses at monthly intervals. The condition of the thyroid was assessed by sensitive assay of thyroid stimulating hormone concentrations, as well as measurement of total and free thyroid hormone concentrations and systolic time interval ratios. Serum thyroid stimulating hormone concentration was found to be the most responsive to small changes in thyroxine. The calculated optimum daily replacement dose of thyroxine (102 micrograms/m2 or 3.5 micrograms/kg) was fractionally lower than that previously recommended, and was more closely related to surface area (coefficient of variation 8.2%) than to body weight (coefficient of variation 16.2%). Our results suggest that though monthly may be the optimal time interval for increases in the dose of thyroxine, any reduction in the dose should be made more gradually.

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