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Hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia in small for dates babies.
  1. J E Collins,
  2. J V Leonard,
  3. D Teale,
  4. V Marks,
  5. D M Williams,
  6. C R Kennedy,
  7. M A Hall
  1. Department of Child Health, Institute of Child Health, London.


    Blood glucose concentrations were measured prospectively in 27 small for dates infants in the first 48 hours after birth: 10 infants became hypoglycaemic. Of these, five had inappropriately raised plasma insulin concentrations. Plasma free fatty acids were lower and carbohydrate intake higher in these five infants, further supporting the diagnosis of hyperinsulinism. The hypoglycaemia recurred in four of the five hyperinsulinaemic infants, but in none of those who were not hyperinsulinaemic. Hyperinsulinism is common in small for dates babies. It is important to recognise this because hypoglycaemia is likely to recur and appropriate treatment is needed to prevent long term sequelae.

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