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Preschool vision screening: a service in need of rationalisation.
  1. S L Stewart-Brown,
  2. M N Haslum,
  3. B Howlett
  1. Department of Child Health, University of Bristol.


    A survey of health districts in England and Wales was carried out at the end of 1984 to ascertain among other things the range of current programmes for preschool vision screening. The response rate was 81.3%. Altogether 94% of districts reported screening for both reduced visual acuity and squint; two districts screened for neither. A great variety of different types of tests were in use and screening was carried out at a variety of different ages. A high proportion of districts were screening children for reduced visual acuity in infancy, although screening tests applicable at this age have not been shown to be effective. Districts screened for squint between one and four times. Collection of routine monitoring information by districts was poor.

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