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Efficacy of varicella vaccine in patients with solid tumours.
  1. R B Heath,
  2. J S Malpas,
  3. H O Kangro,
  4. A Ward,
  5. J M McEniery,
  6. J E Kingston


    Thirty nine children with malignant disease and without antibodies to varicella zoster virus were immunised with a live Oka strain varicella vaccine. Seroconversion was shown in 24 of those who were vaccinated but five of 18 who responded to the vaccine who were followed up for over six months subsequently lost their antibodies. Of 10 children who were revaccinated, nine responded to the second dose but three lost their antibodies within six months to two years. Four children developed reactions related to the vaccine, one local and three generalised, but all these were transitory and of no clinical concern. Nine of those who were vaccinated, including four who did not respond to the vaccine, have subsequently had close exposure to varicella but none has developed the disease.

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