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Comparison of four pancreatic extracts in cystic fibrosis.
  1. D W Beverley,
  2. J Kelleher,
  3. A MacDonald,
  4. J M Littlewood,
  5. T Robinson,
  6. M P Walters


    Four different pancreatin products, Pancrease, Creon, Pancrex V Forte, and Pancreatin Merck, were compared in a random crossover trial in children with cystic fibrosis. The results of our study showed that patients who received Creon and Pancrease had fewer gastrointestinal symptoms than patients who received Pancrex V Forte and Pancreatin Merck. Fat absorption was significantly improved with Pancrease when compared with Pancrex V forte and Pancreatin Merck. Also the fat absorption with Creon was superior to that with Pancrex V Forte. There was no significant difference in fat absorption between Pancrease and Creon. Pancrex V Forte and Pancreatin Merck, or Pancreatin Merck and Creon. Faecal nitrogen content was less with both Creon and Pancrease compared with Pancreatin Merck. Creon and Pancrease allow the patient with cystic fibrosis to take a high energy diet without any dietary restrictions.

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