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Vascular access for acute haemodialysis.
  1. T C Gibson,
  2. D P Dyer,
  3. R J Postlethwaite,
  4. D C Gough


    Vascular access for acute haemodialysis was required on 29 occasions in 26 children over a six year period. Comparison was made of the forms of vascular access employed, these being the Scribner shunt, the Hickman line, and percutaneous polyvinylchloride cannulae. The Hickman catheter was used to provide vascular access in 17 patients (mean age 8.8 years (range 2.5-16 years) and mean weight 25.5 kg (range 7.7-60 kg)) and allowed adequate haemodialysis to occur. Only one catheter had to be removed because of infection, and no other serious complications were encountered. These results show the superiority of the Hickman catheter as vascular access for acute haemodialysis in children.

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