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Longitudinal study of height and weight at adolescence.
  1. J M Buckler,
  2. J Wild
  1. University Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Leeds General Infirmary.


    A longitudinal study through puberty of the height and weight of 96 boys and 102 girls in schools in and around the city of Leeds was conducted. Data for height and weight and height and weight velocities are presented, which are based on chronological age and on age relative to the age of peak height velocity. Comparison was made with the Tanner standards: male puberty developed a little later but growth continued longer, so that the adult men were taller and heavier. Girls showed a similar timing of puberty to the Tanner standards but were lighter at all ages and ultimately slightly taller as growth was not completed until later. It is important to know the pubertal state when interpreting growth changes in children.

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